About Me

Hello and welcome to the Novice Goddess Kitchen Blog!

I'm Tamara! I am an avid lover of food and the (sometimes crazy) voice behind the Novice Goddess' Kitchen.  Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

While I have had a passion for cooking for as long as I can remember, I have recently taken a greater interest in the preparation of my food as well as where some of my ingredients come from. I get my culinary inspiration from many places and have a tendency to take a single ingredient and run with it. I've grown up surrounded by individuals who love to cook and their love has transferred to me (for which I am eternally grateful)!

I have no formal training in the kitchen (albeit a few cake decorating classes) but love to cook from the heart. There are very few things that can give you the warm and fuzzies better than a home cooked meal.

My hopes for this blog are to share and document some of my adventures in the kitchen both through various recipes and other projects that I embark on. Plus, I will never say no to an outlet where I can write freely without any boundaries.

I hope you'll enjoy your visit and I welcome any feedback or comments you may have. Should you wish to contact me directly, please send an e-mail to novicegoddess@hotmail.com and I will definitely get back to you!

Happy Cooking!