Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Time Using Fondant - Alphabet Blocks for a Baby Shower

After having taken a few classes, I was feeling a little more confident to work with fondant. Here are the photos of my first go. 

Rice Krispies Squares are the most awesome material to build things with!!!! I covered mine in buttercream frosting before coating them in rolled fondant

Ta da! Fondant covered blocks!

The completed trim

I love the colours, though really any colour can be substituted.
Cut-outs were placed on the sides of the blocks except for one.

The letters on the blank sides of the blocks
The cake - Butter Pecan cake with Maple Cinnamon pastry cream - before the addition of the blocks
The finished cake

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  1. Thank you sooo very much for making my baby shower cake that was outstanding !!!

    Perfect timing before baby arrived!!!