Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to post a quick message to all of you out there who happen to be reading this blog every once in a while. For those who have been celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend,  I hope that you all had the most wonderful weekend ever filled with delicious food, family and friends and lots and lots of love!

I didn't spend this weekend as traditionally as I have in the past, but there was definitely amazing food, family and friends and after all is said and done, I do feel like a very lucky and very loved girl. So in recognition of this wonderful holiday, I am making a list of the things that I am thankful for this year:
  1. My family - both near and far, both biological and not.
  2. My friends who despite it all have stuck by me through everything
  3. The experiences that I have had, both recently, and along the way that have shaped me to be me
  4. The knowledge that I have come to acquire formally and informally
  5. The things that I am passionate about - including cooking and this blog
  6. The things that the future holds for me and those I love
  7. The fact that despite everything, I have a job
  8. Those who are reading this blog - for being the reason that I write and take pictures almost daily! 
As corny as this list may sound, I felt it was really important for me to make it. And on that note, because I can definitely hear some groans of "What?!?! No food? No pictures? No recipes?"... Here are a few things that I made this weekend!  

Happy Monday, guys! 


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