Thursday, October 13, 2011

Foodie Find - Baby Garlic

I really had intended on posting this when I found it just over a month ago but I completely spaced out on doing it. Here's the story!

My mum is an avid gardener - and I do mean AVID! When we moved into our current house there was very little garden to speak of. In our few years here Mum has transformed our backyard into an absolute jungle oasis! This summer, while she was weeding, Mum pulled out what she thought was a weed, but it turned out to be garlic in miniature form. I'm assuming it was just really young garlic but it truly was the cutest thing ever. The little bulbs were all perfectly formed and it smelled like a slightly less pungent version of the standard garlic that you find at the grocery store.

And with that I give you baby garlic! How can you not be in love!?!?!

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