Saturday, February 12, 2011

New-found Addiction

I am in love with The Nesting Project!!!! This blog is fantastic and I have only just discovered it! I swear Rosy, who writes the blog, is me in Tennessee! She cooks, she sews, she knits and she is wonderful :) 

I was at home yesterday going through my rounds of checking up on all of my regular blogs and was so enamored with her blog that not only did I decide to replicate one of her posts, but TWO! Post one was about a delightful knitted blanket found here. I've been trying to knit my own blanket for AGES now and it takes so much time (especially since I am using quite small knitting needles!) but this one is sinfully easier because the needles are so much bigger. I promise to post a photo ones mine is done! I swear there is nothing more fantastic than finding the supplies for one's new project on sale for half price! Hello $30 blanket! 

The second post was for Challah Bread (found here)! It's from one of my favourite books, Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day and I have tried to make it once before. While my bread turned out amazingly, I don't think it's really possible to call what I made Challah for the simple fact that I forgot to add the eggs (don't ask, it was a long day!) Challah is a sweet egg bread and when one forgets to add the eggs, you don't in fact have challah. Regardless, The Nesting Project has made me want to make it again and that boys and girls is exactly what this gal is doing today!

I will post the results of both projects as soon as they're complete! 

Happy Saturday!!! 


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