Monday, February 21, 2011

The new joy of my lunches - Carolyn Salad

A few months back, my Mum, her friend Carolyn and I went on a shopping expedition to Buffalo, NY. We had a wonderful time and desperately tried to have lunch while in and around the Walden Galleria Mall but the wait time everywhere we went was more than an hour. We decided to drive home and find somewhere to eat in our neck of the woods. An hour later we were at Milestones and were plotting what would satiate our ever agonizing hunger pangs! I can't for the life of me remember what I ordered but our darling friend, Carolyn, ordered their California Spring Salad. She said it was delicious but was convinced that she could make her own version at home. She swore that she would scour the internet to find out how to make it. 

About two weeks ago, I have beginning a lovely bout of some stomach bug that is going around, but I was trying to be a trooper through the experience. Mum and I had gone to visit our local garden store with Carolyn and her husband, Gord, and were invited back to their place for lunch. I was quite content on just having some toast for lunch but Carolyn insisted on making me her version of Milestone's salad and who was I to say no? Let me tell you I was BLOWN AWAY by not only how delicious this salad was, but also how easy it was to make. 

The recipe can be found on Bakergirl's blog, bakergirl's creations, here. In the first week of having this recipe, I actually made this salad 4 times!!!! And then made it again twice last weekend! The recipe is really straightforward and simple. I actually just bought candied pecans rather than making my own. Also, the dressing recipe makes a TON of dressing. I found that making that much was great as it lasted for 4 large salads. I did lessen the amount of poppy seeds to about 1/4 cup rather than 1/3 cup since I thought it was just way too much. I think the most important piece of advice that I can give about making this recipe is this: when the recipe says make the dressing in the blender, listen to the recipe. I have made the recipe once in the blender and once just by mixing everything in a jar and shaking it and it doesn't work as well. I know it's a pain in the neck to pull out the blender just for the dressing but I swear it's worth it.

I mean really, how can you say no to this gorgeous salad??

For those of you living in Ontario, I hope you all had a relaxing Family Day - I know I did!! 

Enjoy the rest of your week, loves!

Happy Cooking!


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